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Criminal Defense and PersonAL Injury

The Law Offices of Louis R. Busico

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

      In Pennsylvania, New Jersey and in the Federal Courts, the lawyers who consistently fight hard for their criminal defense clients and have more than 40 years of combined experience helping clients are attorneys Louis R. Busico, Esquire, founding attorney of the Law Offices of Louis R. Busico and attorney, Charles L. Leone, Esquire.  Louis Busico has been repeatedly acknowledged in both Philadelphia Magazine and Surburban Living as a Pennsylvania "Super Lawyer"

     The firm's track record of success in high-profile crime trials has made Mr. Busico's and Mr Leone's reputation in the state and federal courts second to none.  Both Mr. Busico and Mr. Leone know how to investigate an arrest for any sign of overzealous law enforcement that violates a client's rights. They know how to build defenses that anticipate and frustrate prosecution strategies and resonate with the judge and jury. They know how to safeguard your interests from the arraignment to the outcome and have had spectacular success over the years.  Act now to protect your rights and avoid harsh, life-changing punishments.

Mr. Busico and Mr. Leone Have More Than 40 Years of Combined Experience in

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and in the Federal Courts

The Law Offices of Louis R. Busico handles cases in all types of criminal defense practice areas such as:

      •Federal and State crimes — RICO, drug sales,  drug distribution, business fraud, tax evasion and many others;

      •White collar crimes — including insurance fraud, racketeering, extortion and embezzlement;

      •DUI/DWI — drunk driving, driving while impaired, driver's license suspension, vehicular homicide;

      •Drug crimes — possession with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance, possession and trafficking of cocaine, heroin,                                              marijuana, "party drugs" and illegally obtained prescription drugs;

      •Sex crimes — rape, prostitution, indecent exposure, domestic violence, possession or distribution of child pornography, solicitation of

                               a minor and other related crimes;

      •Homicide and other violent crimes, including vehicular homicide and manslaughter; and 

     •Weapons offenses — illegal arms sales, possession and trafficking, and firearms employed in the commission of a crime.

If you or someone you love is the subject of an investigation or has been accused or arrested on a criminal charge, you should immediately speak to an experienced Bucks County criminal law attorney at the Law Offices of Louis R. Busico.

 Call (215) 504-2930 or write buckstriallawyers@busicolaw.com to schedule and appointment for a free initial evaluation.